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Mission 2013: Meet Naomi Kerwin of Starfish Foster Home

April 18, 2013

Naomi Kerwin, Director of Starfish Foster Home

Seven of the children arrived to Chengdu thanks to the Starfish Foster Home. The director, Naomi Kerwin, participated in the CCPF mission by providing oversight for her children as well as making rounds on all of the children receiving care. An expat from Denver, Colorado, Naomi has lived in China for eight years, and has worked at Starfish for the past year. Starfish has been sending babies to CCPF missions for years, so Naomi was well aware of the work that is done for the children. Seeing the mission in person gave her an even better insight to CCPF’s work.

“It’s amazing how you hit the ground running – arriving one night and getting right to work the next morning,” Kerwin says. “It seems very well organized – an enormous task is performed in a very short time. The CCPF team is such an intelligent, kindhearted group of people. It is very beautiful to see the kids get the high-quality medical care that CCPF provides.”

Starfish is located in Xi’an – a 16-hour train ride away from Chengdu. While here, Naomi continues to stay connected to her office – working to arrange adoptions. “There are plenty of orphans – the trick is how to find them so more can take advantage of this care.”

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